Woe to Us…

Continuing quotes from St. John of Kronstadt-

“How many Christians there are who say, “I believe in God,” without in reality believing! How many mouths are dumb when in the company of men it is necessary to defend the glory of God and of His saints, which is blasphemed by the children of this world! Some remain silent when it is necessary to support the conversation concerning God, or to put a stop to any disrespect or insolence. Many say, “I believe in God”; but should any misfortune or temptation arise, they grow fainthearted and despondent. Sometimes they begin to murmur. And what becomes of all their faith? This should be the very time to show submission to the will of God, and to say, “Let it be as the Lord wills.” “Blessed be the name of the Lord.”¬†Otherwise it is evident that they only believe in God in the time of happiness, and renounce Him in the time of misfortune.”


Author: frphoti

I am an Orthodox Priest trying hard to balance life and work. I paint Icons on commission as well.

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