No Good Deed…

A saying goes, “No good deed goes unpunished.” and so it may be. As distressing as it can be, St. Mark the Ascetic reminds us that it is for our benefit when this happens. He said,

“Rejoice, not when you do good to someone, but when you endure without rancor
the hostility that follows. For just as night follows day, so acts of malice follow acts
of kindness.”

For, he continues,

“The mercy of God is hidden in sufferings not of our choice; and if we accept such
sufferings patiently, they bring us to repentance and deliver us from everlasting

As gold is purified through fire, if we, during these kind of trials, allow the grace of God to purify us, we will be made worthy to enter the Kingdom.


Author: frphoti

I am an Orthodox Priest trying hard to balance life and work. I paint Icons on commission as well.

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