Clean Hearts

“O His saints, sing to the Lord.” [Ps 29:5] Not if someone says the words of the
psalm with his mouth, does that one hymn to the Lord, but, everyone who offers up the hymn from a clean heart, and who are holy, keeping justice toward God, these are able to sing a hymn to God, harmoniously directed by spiritual tunes.
How many are standing there, coming from fornication? How many are there
from theft? How many hide in their hearts trickery? How many falsehood? They
suppose they are psalmodizing, but in truth they are not. Because Scripture beckons the saint to sing psalms. “A corrupt tree cannot bear good fruit.” [Matt
7:18] And neither can a corrupt heart speak words of life. So, “make the tree
good and its fruit will be good.” [Matt 12:33] Clean your hearts, so that you
might yield fruit in the spirit and might be able, after becoming saints, to sing
psalms well to the Lord. -St. Basil the Great, Homilies on the Psalms

Author: frphoti

I am an Orthodox Priest trying hard to balance life and work. I paint Icons on commission as well. Blog updated every Monday with occasional random posts