God Turns Away…

God turns away from him who remembers wrongs.  With the one who prays while nurturing hurt against his neighbor, the demons instead of angels are present and his prayer is sinful.
Elder Parfeny, Spiritual Counsels


If as Scripture teaches…

If, as Scripture teaches, everything involuntary has its cause in what is voluntary,
man has no greater enemy than himself.
St. Mark the Ascetic

I think I’ve posted this one before, but it is worth repeating. We so often want to blame other people or things for our misfortunes or slip-ups. -Fr. P

A Saint’s humility

Note the Saint’s humility in the last sentence.

He that does not believe in the God Who saves is in difficult circumstances, but is faint-hearted; he that does not wish to render glory to God, that represents Him as not vigilant, but sleeping, not all-powerful and not merciful, thinks falsely of the God of Truth, and thus sins grievously. Especially inexcusable are faint-heartedness and unbelief in the man who has already been deemed worthy of often receiving marvelous help from God the Savior.  Oh how great a sinner I am!
St. John of Kronstadt

Initially one thinks this is the typical “Hey all you sinners, stop it!” quote. While it is that, it is also St. John’s look in the mirror.

Do not believe your flesh…

Do not believe your flesh when it grows weak and refuses to serve you on the pretense of not being sufficiently strengthened by foot. This is a delusion. Overcome it; pray fervently, and you will see that the weakness of your body was false, imaginary, not real: you will see in truth that “men shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” Do not put your trust in bread.
St. John of Kronstadt

Men Have Fallen …

Men have fallen into unbelief because they have either completely lost the spirit of prayer, or they never had it at all, nor have it now- in short, because they do not pray. The prince of this world has full scope for action in the hearts of such men; he becomes their master. They have not asked and do not ask God’s grace in prayer (for God’s gifts are only given to those who ask and seek) and thus their hearts, corrupt by nature, become dried up without the vivifying dew of the Holy Spirit, and at last from their extreme dryness they take fire, and blaze with the infernal flame of unbelief and various passions, and the Devil only knows how to inflame the passions that keep up this terrible fire, and triumphs at the sight of the ruin of the unfortunate souls that redeemed by the blood of Him Who has trampled the power of Satan underfoot.
St. John of Kronstadt