The Man Who Asks God…

The man who asks God for less than he deserves will certainly receive more, as is shown by the publican who begged forgiveness but obtained salvation (cf. Luke 18:10-14). And the robber asked only to be remembered in the kingdom, yet he inherited all of Paradise (cf. Luke 23:43).

St. John Klimakos -The Ladder of Divine Ascent “On Humility”


Whoever Strives Towards God…

Whoever strives towards God and really wants to become Christ’s follower must follow
Him, endeavoring to improve himself and become a new person, not retaining anything within oneself that is peculiar to the ancient person — for it is said:” if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.” St. Macarius the Great

Like Traders…

Like traders sailing on a ship during fair winds and a calm sea fear that sudden strong
winds and turbulent waters may place their ship in danger before they reach port, so do
Christians, even though they feel benevolent winnowing of the Holy Spirit, , fear that an ill-wind may arouse a turbulence of passions. Consequently, it is essential to take great care in order to reach the tranquil port of eternal life and eternal joy — the cities of Saints, Heavenly Jerusalem and the Churches of the firstborn. (Hebr. 12:23). St. Macarius the Great