Without a Beginning

…nothing can be accomplished. If laziness or depression is keeping us from a good beginning – or even another good beginning- then we should ask God for the grace simply to start. Then, with the action of grace within us, we can reap a great harvest!

“A certain brother asked an old man, “What shall I do about my negligence?” The old man said unto him, “If thou wilt root out this small plant, which is negligence, a great forest will come into being.”

The Paradise of the Fathers, #293, Vol. II, p. 65


Spiritual atrophy

Just as our brains and bodies weaken and atrophy from lack of use, so too does the soul if it is not exercised through a life of prayer, devotion to God and the practice of the virtues and Commandments.

St. Mark the Ascetic agrees: “Often our knowledge becomes darkened because we fail to put things into practice. For when we have totally neglected to practice something, our memory of it will gradually disappear.”

And so let us not accept weakness, in this case. Let us not accept the darkness of an unpracticed mind and heart (nous). Let us instead prefer the Light of Life.