By Its Nature…

By its nature, water is soft while a stone is hard. However, when it runs along a
watercourse and drips on a stone, it slowly but surely makes a hole in it. Likewise, the word of God is soft while our hearts are tough. However, if a person frequently listens to the Word of God, his heart softens and becomes capable to accept the fear of God. St. Abba Pimen


If God Sees That the Intellect…

“If God sees that the intellect (heart/nous) has entirely submitted to Him and puts its hope in Him alone. He strengthens it, saying: ‘Have no fear Jacob my son, my little Israel’ (Isa. 41:14), and: ‘Have no fear: for I have delivered you, I have called you by My name; you are Mine. If you pass through water, I shall be with you, and the rivers will not drown you. If you go through fire, you will not be burnt, and the names will not consume you. For I am the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, who saves you’ (cf. Isa. 43:1-3.).”
St. Isaiah the Solitary (Philokalia Vol. 1)

More Than Words

Just as a good act performed without genuine faith is quite dead and ineffective, so too faith alone without works of righteousness does not save us from eternal fire; for ‘he who loves Me’, says the Lord, ‘will keep My commandments’, (cf John 14: 45, 23). If, then, we love the Lord and believe in Him, we shall exert ourselves to fulfill His commandments, so as to be granted eternal life. But how can we call ourselves faithful if we neglect to keep His ordinances, which all creation obeys, and if, although we have been honored above all creation, we are the only creatures who disobey the Creator and show ourselves ungrateful to our Benefactor?” +St. Theodoros the Great Ascetic, “Century of Spiritual Texts” the Philokalia

I tell people all the time that if we treated our spouses and children like we treat God, there would be hell to pay. Can you imagine telling your spouse that you love them, yet you live in a different house with a different family, rarely speaking to them? Even more simply, let us ask ourselves: If we love our spouses (and of course, we do!) and we look at how we love them, do we who say ‘we love God’ show Him love that can even compare? Then, turn that around and ask ourselves how our relationship would be if we showed our spouses the love we show God.


Love moves. It lives and breathes. If it doesn’t it is dead and so are we.

So let us love, and let us live. Let us truly live!