If Repentance is Too Much…

If repentance is too much for you, and you sin out of habit even when you do not want to, show humility like the publican; this is enough to ensure your salvation.
St. Peter of Damascus


Imitate the Publican…

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Mother (St.) Syncletiki said: “Imitate the Publican and you will not be condemned with the Pharisee.
Choose the meekness of Moses and you will find your heart which is a rock changed into a spring of water.”

If someone says…

If someone says “I weep over my sins”, but commits another, he is foolish. If he says “I weep over my sins”, but keeps another (sin), he is deceiving himself. The person who searches for quietness, but does not take care to remove the passions, is blind to the holy building of the virtues. The one who ignores his sins but is anxious to correct another is lazy in his requests of the heart and his exhortations to God.

Abba Isaiah of Scetis

Repentance consists…

Repentance consists in no longer doing the same things. For he who reverts to the same sins is like a dog returning to his vomit, (2 Peter 2:22) and like the person who cards wool into the fire, or pours water into a container full of holes.
St. John Chrysostom