Repentance consists…

Repentance consists in no longer doing the same things. For he who reverts to the same sins is like a dog returning to his vomit, (2 Peter 2:22) and like the person who cards wool into the fire, or pours water into a container full of holes.
St. John Chrysostom


For Whatever

“For whatever our transgressions, and whatever we have done through the attacks of the adversary, let us pray that we may be forgiven…for it is good for a man to confess his failings rather than to harden his heart.”
St. Clement of Rome

Beware of Your Own Self..

“Beware of your own self as your bitterest enemy, and do not follow your own will, mind, taste or feeling, if you do not wish to get lost.

Therefore always be fully armed against yourself, and when your desire inclines towards something, however holy, strip it naked of everything extraneous and place it, alone, before your God, with the greatest humility, imploring Him that in this His will and not your own may be done.

Do this with a sincere and heart-felt surrender to the will of God, with no trace of self-love, knowing that you have nothing in yourself and can do nothing by yourself in your work of salvation.”

St. Nicodemos of the Holy Mountain; Unseen Warfare Chpt 17

If at some time….

“If at some time you show mercy to someone, mercy will be shown to you.
If you show compassion to one who is suffering (and of course, this is not a great deed) you will be numbered among the martyrs.
If you forgive one who has insulted you, then not only will all your sins be forgiven, but you will be a child of the Heavenly Father.
If you pray from all your heart for salvation – even a little – you will be saved.
If you rebuke yourself, accuse yourself, and judge yourself before God for your sins, with a sensitive conscience, even for this you will be justified.
If you are sorrowful for your sins, or you weep, or sigh, your sigh will not be hidden from Him and, as St. John Chrysostom says, ‘If you only lament for your sins, then He will receive this for your salvation.’”
St. Moses of Optina




Be Brave…

“Be brave and firm in spirit in your faith and hope in the mercies of the gracious Lord, that in the situations that seem to be opposing us He is working out our salvation. Acknowledge your weakness and your failure to submit to the will of God and to fulfill His commandments. From this acknowledgement you will obtain humility for yourself and you will see the help of God.” St. Leo of Optina